The University of Medicine (1) has three campuses: the Pyay campus, the Thahton campus and the Lanmadaw campus.

In the 3 acres wide Pyay and Thahton Campus, pre-clinical subjects are taught to the first and second year M.B., B.S students. The Pyay campus houses pre-clinical departments, 8 lecture halls of 250 capacity, Botany Laboratory, Zoology Laboratory, Physic Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Anatomy Dissection Hall, Physiology Laboratories, Biochemistry Laboratory, Satellite Library, Students Recreation Rooms and Canteens.

The Lanmadaw Campus, 2 acres wide, is the old campus where all para-clinical year subjects are taught. The Administrative Office, Library, and Medical Information Center are also located in the Lanmadaw Campus. The Lanmadaw Campus constitutes 3 lecture halls of 300 capacity, 4 lecture Halls of 200 capacity, Multimedia Teaching Auditorium, Microbiology Laboratory, Pathology Laboratory, and Pharmacology Laboratory, Central Laboratory, Medical Resource Center, museum, students recreation rooms and canteens.


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